About Us

Welcome to ReLove; a resale boutique offering a curated mix of vintage, designer, and contemporary pieces. 

We like to think we are more than just a resale shop. ReLove is a space to spark your imagination, push you beyond your style limits, welcome you with a warm smile, get to know you and encourage you to get rid of what no longer serves you, invite you to new and unique possibilities, and help you build an exciting and intimate relationship with your closet.

We don’t believe in excess consumerism of poor clothing we believe in style and we believe in you! We believe in personal expression and that style should never cost you a fortune. We believe that your closet should be an extension of your best creative self and should only house clothes that make you, your wallet and the environment very happy.

More style, less waste. That's our motto!

We offer a reasonably priced eclectic mix of vintage, independent labels and designer pieces for both men and women that we ourselves would be proud to own and rock! This has been our commitment since ReLove was established in 2014.

We cherish our ridiculously stylish community of customers, sellers, social media followers, Polk Street eclectics and we cherish you!



Delila and the ReLove Crew + Amanda